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Kickstarter Campaign

We all talk about fighting systemic racism - well, here's one way to do it!  Voter suppression is a carefully built system of legal provisions and extra-legal practices that exclude American citizens from our democracy because of their race and socioeconomic class. We must work to stop it, and the first step is to call it out and spread awareness.  That's the goal of our feature-length documentary, "Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook", which you can watch right now, digitally.

The next step is where we need your help the most: to find and alert wrongly purged voters. Many of them African American and Latinx. Our democracy depends on it… and also on the generosity of the people like you willing to join in this fight. We want this campaign to be a grassroots movement, funded by small dollar donations, to combat voter suppression.

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