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Some politicians may have a playbook for how to suppress the vote, but we have a playbook too!  Here are some of the steps you can take to restore the legitimacy of our democracy and its central tenet: one person, one vote.

  1. Register and vote in every election. The best way to counter massive amounts of outside money influencing election outcomes is not to take any election for granted -- especially state and local elections.  So register. Then vote.

  2. Support citizen-led initiatives that expand voting rights and fight back against lawmakers’ attempts to create gerrymandered districts.  In 2018, citizen-led initiatives restored the right to vote for felons in Florida and put a stop to gerrymandering in Michigan and three other states.  

  3. Give donations and volunteer for political candidates at the state and Congressional level who support voting rights and want to strengthen the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

  4. Speak up when people talk about rampant voter fraud. While some politicians have effectively pushed the lie that voter fraud endangers the integrity of our elections, the truth is that the percentage of votes found to be fraudulent comes out to .00002% (or 40 votes out of 197 million cast).

  5. Find out from your local Board of Elections what their parameters are for cleaning up the voter rolls, (i.e., are they just removing people who have passed away, or purging people who haven’t voted in the last few elections).   If you’re concerned by the methods they’re using, contact the Registrar of Voters and your representatives on the Board of Elections or your state’s Secretary of State.  

  6. If you witness or experience voter intimidation when you go to vote, say something. Call the Election Protection Hotline: 866-OUR-VOTE, or the Latino Protect the Vote Hotline: 888-VE-Y-VOTA. And make sure to contact your Secretary of State and local, state, or federal representatives if you feel your access to the ballot is being impinged.

  7. Do your homework before you vote for state or local judges. These are the people who will ultimately make decisions about who can vote, so find out where they stand on protecting voter rights. And let your US Senators know how you feel about federal judge nominees.  

  8. Give donations or get actively involved with these groups that are on the frontlines of the voting rights fight: