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screenings Testimonials

"Thank you for an enlightening and invigorating evening of documentary film and informed conversation. As difficult as much of the message is to stomach, it's extremely important to get the word out regarding voter suppression. I am inspired."

Screening Attendee, Cardozo School of Law Screening, NY


"The response was overwhelming positive to the quality of the film and its message.  The film was thematically comprehensive, was tightly made with regard to run time, and was engagingly presented.  I wish all documentaries of a social justice nature could be more like it. Thanks for making the film and providing it to us.  The screening event was one of the best we have had." 

—Screening Host, Wedgwood Meaningful Movies, Seattle, WA


"I can't explain how awesome the dialogue was and we had about 120 folks to turn out. We've received nothing but raving reviews and since, I have had at least 3 requests to come to their church/organization to facilitate...I can say that the word about the documentary is definitely spreading like wildfire throughout the 134 A.M.E. churches in the North Georgia Conference. I can only imagine how fast the word will travel beyond our District from here. Thank you to the staff and all who helped to make the documentary possible. We learned so much and I tell you, folks had some real emotions going on in that sanctuary...."

—Screening Host, Antioch AME Church-Social Action Ministry, Stone Mountain, GA


"On this past Monday night, June 24th the NAACP, Concerned women for Justice and the Democratic Party came together to show the film RIGGED. I am absolutely happy to report that the event was extremely successful. We held it in the Franklin County Courhouse in downtown Louisburg.  We had an overwhelming turnout.  The courthouse is designated to seat 280 people.  We had so many in attendance that we had to bring in chairs to put around the wall in the court room.  The Clerk of Court served punch, cookies and water inside the room (usually the court room is off limits to food).  She loved my mother.  We had a great time.  A panel discussion was held at the end of the film and a CALL TO ACTION followed the panel.  We also passed out literature on voter ID.  A sign-in form that had a list of volunteer opportunities listed was also given to the attendees as the entered the door. People who attended were very excited, motivated and educated by the film."

—Armenta Eaton, NAACP Franklin County, Louisburg, NC


"We are so grateful you reached out to us to offer the film and provided the assisting materials. You have been so wonderful to work with. The film was excellent. Most of our audience was already pretty knowledgeable about these issues but SEEING them in action - with those loathsome characters. It really helped motivate us all for the political action we are already focused on here in NC."

—Screening Host, Neighbors On Call, Chapel Hill, NC


"The film was great. It was very well received and generated a lot of good discussion. We plan to contact local organizations to help us take action on the issue. Thank you!"

—Screening Host, UU Church of Farmington/Save the World, Farmington, MI


"Your documentary was very well received and appreciated by our audience. It was confirmation for us that our political engagement is important."

—Screening Host, La Crosse for People Powered Democracy, La Crosse, WI


"I like to think of myself as pretty informed but had no idea of the scope of the problem...I've been pretty angry since November 2016 but now I have had enough. Ready to fight back against those who would destroy our country with their racism and their fear of the 'other.'"

—Screening Attendee, Kirkwood Pubic Library, Kirkwood, MO


"It was an extremely difficult film to watch but it put everything together and demonstrated the interconnected nature of all of the voter suppression efforts. I was happy for the diversity of the presenting organizations and viewers. I am more committed than ever to efforts to protect and promote the vote."

—Screening Attendee, League of Women Voters of Greenville County, Greenville, SC


"After the event, one young man said that he hadn't realized that in-person "voter fraud" is not actually a thing. Seeing how successful the 'playbook' has been in spreading the lie that voter fraud is a meaningful issue was eye-opening."

—Screening Attendee, League of Women Voters of Greenville County, Greenville, SC