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Screening Attendee, Cardozo School of Law Screening, NY

As difficult as much of the message is to stomach, it's extremely important to get the word out regarding voter suppression. I am inspired.

Screening Host, Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington, MI

The film was great. It was very well received and generated a lot of good discussion. We plan to contact local organizations to help us take action on the issue. Thank you!

Screening Host, Wedgwood Meaningful Movies, WA

The film was thematically comprehensive, was tightly made with regard to run time, and was engagingly presented.  I wish all documentaries of a social justice nature could be more like it. 

Screening Host, Neighbors On Call, Chapel Hill, NC

The film was excellent. Most of our audience was already pretty knowledgeable about these issues but SEEING them in action - with those loathsome characters. It really helped motivate us all for the political action we are already focused on here in NC.

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