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Recommended Reading


The Fight to Vote

Michael Waldman

Simon & Shuster, 2016

Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America

Ari Berman

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2015

One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression is Destroying Our Democracy

Carol Anderson

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018

The Great Suppression: Voting Rights, Corporate Cash, and the Conservative Assault on Democracy

Zachary Roth

Crown, 2016

Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right

Jane Mayer

Anchor, 2016

The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown

Richard Hasen

Yale University Press, 2012

The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States

Alexander Keyssar

Basic Books, 2009

The Embattled Vote in America: From the Founding to the Present

Allan Lichtman

Harvard University Press, 2018


Rigged Shows How an Organized, Well-Funded System of Voter Suppression Doesn’t Bode Well for Black Folks—or Democracy

The Root, Angela Helm – April 4, 2019

Inside the Decades-Long Republican Campaign to Suppress the Vote

The Nation, Timothy Smith – March 11, 2019

It’s Time for a New Voting Rights Act

The New Republic, Janell Ross – November 13, 2018

New Documentary ‘Rigged’ Spotlights Voter Suppression Tactics in Texas​

Texas Monthly, Tim Taliaferro – October 23, 2018

Voter-Suppression Tactics in the Age of Trump,

The New Yorker, Jelani Cobb – October 21, 2018

How voter suppression threatens our democracy

The Washington Post, Timothy Smith – September 20, 2018


How the Case for Voter Fraud Was Tested — and Utterly Failed

ProPublica, Jessica Huseman – June 19, 2018

How North Carolina became the epicenter of the voting rights battle

The Washington Post, Sari Horwitz – April 26, 2016


A Dream Undone: Inside the 50-year campaign to roll back the Voting Rights Act

The New York Times Magazine, Jim Rutenberg – July 29, 2015

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